Our supply of Baba Tree Baskets is shrinking dramatically so we made a third trip to Gregory's storage yard yesterday and brought back as many as our car could hold.  There were very few left, so this is probably our last visit to the warehouse.  The baskets are now stacked in the living room awaiting reshaping--we should have them in the shop on Friday. It was a hot afternoon and, as we spread baskets out in the sun-baked driveway, we were wishing for a hat.  No worries, Gregory brought out his supply of wide-brimmed African straw hats and it was love at first sight. Here's the one we chose--natural straw, size small. Here's a beautiful patterned hat.  We're told the geometric lines represent corn rows. The Girl tried one on--too big . . . Then she found one that fit perfectly and wore it out to walk the dog. These hats offer fabulous sun protection with their wide brims and they can be easily reshaped by wetting and reforming the brim and crown.  Stop by on the weekend, we'll have them in the shop, sizing small to large in natural and patterned styles.