Swatching for Paper Dolls is finally behind us and ribbing (corrugated ) has begun.  Corrugated ribbing is a beautiful design feature but persnickety to say the least--one of its many quirks is a tendency to curl at the bottom edge.  Special cast on methods can be used to take care of the problem and, thus, Paper Dolls begins with the lovely but slow-going i-cord cast on (Annie Modesitt talks about her own dark history with i-cord here and suggests really tightening up on the M1 in the cast-on to get a neater edge).  We had a few false starts but we're all now moving ahead with the ribbing. The pattern calls for a 1x1 rib but Venessa chose a 2x2 rib for her sweater.  Nice! Here's an interesting discussion of the i-cord cast on technique.  Check back for continuing progress notes as we move upwards toward the paper dollies.