We're knitting the Modular Tomten Jacket from this classic book . . . Tomten is a sweet modular jacket in squishy garter stitch with a mathematically satisfying structure--all the stitch numbers that shape the jacket are divisible by 4 and 8!  Choose a size from baby through adult; make it in a solid or add stripes, slip stitch patterns or textures; add a collar, hood or cardigan neckline; trim with buttons, clasps or zipper; apply pockets or not . . . Here's Zimmermann's schematic showing the hooded version we've chosen for our Toddler Tomten. We're in the process of knitting up the 28 garter ridges that form the hood.  Then we'll pick up and knit the sleeves and add an i-cord edging around the whole thing.  Brilliant! Pattern:  Modular Tomten Jacket (child) from The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann (here's the Adult version) Yarn:  Blue Sky Alpacas Organic cotton in 4 colours