Join Venessa Bentley this summer for her Fair Isle program and knit the lovely Plum Frost Cardigan. The art of Shetland Knitting, whether it be traditional lace, or stranded colourwork, is rich in history.  Knitters from the islands north of Scotland known as Shetland, deeply value their knitting traditions out of a sense of identity, and because they have relied on their knitting to earn a living.  Fair Isle knitting designs worked with Shetland Wool reflect the harsh climate from which they originate.  This is cozy wool knitting, grounded in the detail of the colourwork designs. Our six week program beginning June 13 will introduce knitters to the Fair Isle tradition and the techniques that define it.  While working through the simple but interesting Plum Frost cardigan, knitters will venture into the world of the tubular cast on, stranded colourwork, grafting, and steeking.  Optional ribbing ideas wil be offered for those who want a bit more of a challenge.  For more information, visit our Fair Isle class listing.  Call or stop by the shop to register.