Last weekend we gathered the family together and made felted soaps for holiday gift-giving.  This is an especially fun craft for children since it involves yummy smelling soap, brightly coloured wool and water play!  There are hundreds of "how-to" videos on youtube with variations such as "soap on a rope" and "soap in a washcloth". Here's a basic tutorial to get you started. Supplies you'll need: Bar soap.  We like to use handmade soap and got our bars at Bird On a Wire just off Broadway on Main Street.  We cut each bar in half, making it easier for a child's small hands to manage the felting process. Wool fibre. Bheda Wool and Bon Bons offer a scrumptious array of colours and felt beautifully.                      Knee high stockings.  Used to encase wool-wrapped soap during the initial felting process, optional for the experienced felter but very helpful for the novice and kids. Hot and cold water and lots of towels. Enjoy!