March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day in celebration of the mathematical constant Pi. To honor the mysterious relationship of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, we will be casting on for another Pi Shawl.

Here’s our first Pi, made as a welcoming blanket for The Boy. It makes the nicest of baby blankets, soft, light and airy, easily wrapable, and, as Elizabeth Zimmerman points out, when the babies are grown, mom can use it as a shawl. We knit this Pi with Blackberry Ridge Silk/Wool Lace but, since we don’t have this yarn currently in the shop, we’ll have to choose another fiber.

Here’s the Pi blocking. It certainly lives up to it’s name—a perfect circle.

We’ll choose our yarn tomorrow and post some links to interesting cast-on methods for circular shawls—stay in touch!