If you're a mom who uses cloth diapers, you probably know about soakers. For the uninitiated, these woolen covers are a water-resistent, breathable alternative to synthetic covers—they're also really cute and fun to knit. We've been using the store-bought variety (tsk, tsk!) for the Girl. It's just been so busy at the store, we've put off knitting them. But when a customer came in and showed us the Perfection Pants pattern, we had to buy it and make them immediately. Lots of patterns are available on the internet but we think the Perfection Pant is one of the best. It has a gusset , short-row shaping, custom fitting options and can be made as a simple cover, shorts or long pants. Any 100% wool labeled “hand-wash” (not super-wash) will work for soakers. We love Noro Kureyon for its fun colours and Cascade 220 is also excellent. And speaking of Kureyon, we just received 10 new colours. We're collecting one of every colour for the Lizard Ridge afghan (check back in a few days and we'll have pictures posted of the 7 squares we've completed so far—it's amazing!).
Perfection Pants in Noro Kureyon

Perfection Pants in Cascade 220 on the needles