4046655106_fc22c72350 Wow, Ysolda Teague's Peak's Island Hood is one of the most popular newly published designs on Ravelry.  And she's created it with one of our favorite yarns, Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair.   We could go on forever about this beautiful yarn but Clara Parkes has said it all in her Knitter's Review article.  Sure, you could sub lots of other fibres for Ysolda's hooded scarf, but nothing else has quite the same virtues as Mountain Mohair.  A blend of wool and silky soft yearling mohair from a small Vermont spinnery, this yarn is light as a feather, warm, hard-wearing (no pilling), knits in a wide range of gauges, and comes in an array of gently heathered colours.  As Clara says, this yarn requires a small leap of faith as it doesn't truly come into its own until its been knitted and washed.  Stop by and have a look at the full selection of colours.  Four skeins makes the Peak's Island Hood.  And, if you'd like to see another amazing project knit with Mountain Mohair, take a look at Knotty-Knitter's Raven Tunic on Ravelry.  We saw it in person the other day, stunning!