We've test-knit and felted Namaskar, the new yoga mat carrier kit from Pollika, a Vancouver-based company specializing in knitting accessories and yarn.  Namaskar was great fun to knit with a simple lace design that literally flew off big 15mm needles.  And then came the fun experience of watching as merino wool felted into a sturdy and beautiful carrier.  Our Lululemon mat fits perfectly and the carrier's ergonomic design ensures comfortable transport whether walking or biking. Note:  Our test knit used purple wool cording in the handle and top tie, but we noted a bit of colour bleeding onto the undyed merino during the felting process, so we've chosen to use undyed cording in the kits.  We love the look of the creamy white  merino but it would be easy to add your own colour personality to the project with natural or acid dyes.   Kit includes 3 100gm skeins of Yarnundyed Aran Merino, 5 meters of De Witte Engle Woolen Cord, and pattern.