Moeke Yarns Fiber Mill

May 20, 2018

Repost: Moeke Yarns Sothis happened: we started to build our own fiber mill in Romania. Why? Because we can not handle anymore the quantity of yarn that we have to produce with the current set up. But this is a huge step for us, and we need help. Reason why I set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo! (Check out the link in the profile)

How does this work? Everyone who wants to back our campaign can do so and at the end of the campaign, on June 30, we will receive the funds we collected. We have a goal of 20000 $, and in return for your contribution we want to give back something special. To showcase our gratitude for your generous donation, we have several perks for you to claim, among which knitting and crochet patterns, some exclusive Elena yarn dyed with plants, and hand-made project bags!

So please, have a look at the campaign page, watch the video, read, and consider helping us make our dream come true. Me and my family are always grateful for your support!