Hi, this is Christa again, continuing to stock the blog while Francesca enjoys her vacation!  If you follow us on Facebook or watch the Shop Cast videos, you might know a fair bit about me by now, but the rest of the crew here at the shop are fascinating people that I thought you should get to know a bit better.  Enjoy!

Name: Linda Ravelry name: I don’t post on Ravelry so you would be disappointed even if you knew my name. When did you start working at Three Bags Full? I am TBF’s first employee starting mid-October almost 7 years ago. What is your favourite thing about working here? TBF is my home away from home. I thrive on colour so it is wonderful being surrounded by colourful yarns. What keeps you excited about teaching? I love imparting my knowledge to anyone interested in learning or improving their skills. It is thrilling to see the proverbial light bulb come on. I learn from my students while they learn from me. Every class/knitter is different and that’s what makes it exciting. How did you learn to knit? A year after I got married, I took a course over several weeks at the H.B.C. in Calgary. Oddly, I cannot actually remember learning how to knit but obviously it stuck. What is your knitting style? I throw. I also taught myself how to carry two colours in my right hand while doing Fair Isle knitting. What is your favourite type of knitting? I love cables, enjoy Fair Isle and slip-stitch or Mosaic knitting. I consider myself still a novice lace knitter. What do you enjoy making? Sweaters, hands down. I enjoy knitting shawls and scarves but I have too many of both now. I am not a sock knitter. What is on your needles now? When you own three sets of Addi Interchangeable needles, you don’t just have one project on the go. Right now I am switching back and forth between a KidLin sweater, a long Noro Silk Garden vest and an Eco Cloud tunic. All my lace projects are on hold. What have you recently finished? I knit three Ilga Leja’s “Bermuda” shawls, the last one was a surprise gift for a dear friend. Tell us about your most challenging project. My first lace shawl which was Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy. The yarn I used was so springy I had trouble reading my stitches. It blocked out beautifully. Tell us about your most satisfying project. A cotton periwinkle cardigan which I designed myself while I worked at my first yarn shop. If you are involved in a community of knitters outside of the shop, tell us about it! I knit with a splendid group of women every Monday night. We share our passion for knitting and good laughs. Share some of your non-knitting interests. Reading. I love knitting garter stitch and reading a who-done-it at the same time. I still sew a little bit. My hubby and I enjoy travelling in our vintage car (1978 Olds Regency – the love boat as our friends call it) when we go tent camping. Anything you'd like to add? Thanks to my dear friend, Duncan Holmes, for the lovely photo.      
Thanks Linda! Do you have any questions for our staff? Leave a comment below, or catch me on the shop's Facebook page and I will pass them along! -CG