We can’t stop knitting these linen sweaters—there’s something magical about the drape, the softness, the colour and sheen of Euroflax. Last week we showed you the Buddy Sweater knit in a 6 month size. As soon as it emerged, transformed, from a spin in the washer and dryer, we knew we had to cast on the bigger version for The Girl.

Buddy Sweater in Euroflax Linen

We knit the 24 month size, lengthening the sleeves and body slightly. The fit of this sweater is generous—the 24 month size has a chest measurement of 26”. The seamless construction makes it easy to customize.

When working with linen, swatching is essential. Make sure to wash and dry your swatch before measuring gauge. Try dipping your swatch in a bowl of hot water mixed with a bit of hair conditioner before drying for instant softness and drape.