Warning--non-knitting content! Lavender is now in full bloom all around the city and we took advantage of our street garden crop of flowers by making lavender bottles.  These self-contained sachets were a popular victorian craft used to perfume wardrobes and lingerie drawers.  We like to tuck them in our yarn bins and, if we have extras, they make lovely gifts. Making a Lavender Bottle: Pick lavender, keeping stems as long as possible (at least 6 inches). Gather together about 14 stalks, strip leaves from the stems and allow to wilt slightly to make stems easier to bend without breaking. Gather the stalks together and tie stalks at the base of the flowers with cotton string.  By the way, fine cotton or "kitchen" string is hard to come by these days.  We found it at Home Hardware on Commercial Drive (they always seem to have what we need and they're friendly too!). Now, holding the bundle upside down, gently bend the stems over the flowers, forming a cage.  Work your way around  the bundle in a circular fashion until the flowers are evenly covered by the stems.  Tie the stems with string, cover with a decorative ribbon, and trim stem ends evenly.  Dry in a warm area away from direct sunlight.  Enjoy!