We knitters are always searching for the next great pattern . . . well, two innovative new projects are being launched on the Net to make our search easier and much more fun! Twist Collective is an on-line knitting magazine headed by Kate Gilbert, et al., featuring an impressive array of talented independent designers. The site hasn’t officially opened yet, but if you click on Advertise you’ll get a taste of what they’re about. Patternfish is an eclectic on-line repository of knitting and crocheting patterns for purchase as PDF downloads. 824 patterns were available as of this posting, and the goal is to keep expanding! It’s the brain-child of Canadians and we think it’s quite amazing (once you’ve tired of pattern browsing, read the FAQ page). Have Fun!

OK, enough on the computer, time to wash the dishes. Oops, looks like The Girl has taken care of that job. Question: How can you tell this is a knitter’s kitchen? Answer: A bottle of Eucalan Woolwash sits on the counter next to the dishwashing soap. And a knitted linen curtain decorates the kitchen window (hard to see with the back lighting, but, trust us, it’s nice).