Join us on Sunday mornings for Fiber Artist Venessa Bentley’s “Gourmet Knitting Program”—a study in texture.

Week One features Westcoast Fisherman’s Rib

We’ll taste a slightly sweet Brioche Stitch in Week 2, made a little richer with a two-colour Brioche in Week 3

And for dessert, a little Honeycomb in Week 4

Week 5 finishes with a sweet Mock Cable, and, oh, yes, Sunday morning edible goodies will be included in this program—treat yourself to this gourmet technique adventure.

Here’s one student’s afghan made during the sampler square program . . .


Dates: Sunday mornings, 9:45 to 11:45, February 1 through March 1, 2009
Cost: $90
Materials: 4.5mm needles, short straights work well for samples; Cascade 220, a variety of colours wound into balls and ready to knit; 3” binder with sheet protectors for patterns and samples; and a mug (for hot spicy tea).