After reading today’s Knitter’s Review Newsletter, you may want to try dyeing some yarn yourself. You’ll find detailed instructions here, including lots of wonderful visuals and some important safety precautions. The Louet Hand-Dyeing kits are available at the shop. Several of our customers have provided us with photographs of their experience with the kit, so let’s see what they’ve been doing . . .
Christina experimented by dying 2 skeins of her handspun along with the three skeins of Gems Merino from the kit.

Chistina’s handspun, undyed

Louet Gems Merino, undyed

Presoaking the yarn in preparation for painting

On the drying rack, Handspun on L, Louet on R

The lovely end result—Louet

and Handspun

Sage also sent us some photos:

Here are her beautiful hand-dyed skeins, drying

And ready for sock knitting!