A new batch of our beloved baskets, shaped and drying.
These beautiful baskets are hand-crafted by the weavers of Bolgatanaga, Ghana.
Here piles of baskets await shipping at the Baba Tree headquarters.
Why we love our baskets:

They are handmade, beautiful, utilitarian, and eventually recyclable.

Using a basket is eco-friendly, reducing the need for plastic shopping bags and other unnecessary packaging.

Weavers of northern Ghana produce the best quality african baskets.

These baskets are ethically traded and money paid for the baskets goes directly into the hands of the weavers, enriching their lives and ours.


What to do with a basket:

Take it shopping, fill it with groceries, flowers and, of course, yarn

Bake bread, wrap it in a tea towel and carry it to a friend

Transport a home-baked pie—the flat bottom of the round basket works beautifully for pies

Give it to the cat for a bed

Let your toddler sit in it or fill it with toys

Submerge it in a tub full of water to reshape

When it eventually wears out (which may take a very long time), put it in the compost to recycle back to the earth.