Meet our new plant-dyed yarn  . . . galawool logo . . . worsted-weight Canadian wool, milled in PEI and hand-dyed by Brigid Weiler at the GalaWool dye studios on Cortes Island. galawool 1 Nothing compares to the vibrant warm tones of plant-dyed yarn.  Our photo hardly does it justice, so stop by and see in person the depth of tone and unique colours of this beautiful yarn.  Interested in fair isle?  We'll be ordering this yarn in four natural shades, perfect for combining in colourwork projects. Yarn Colours/Dyes: Cherry Wood/madder; Raspberry/cochineal; Rose Madder/madder; Persimmon/madder & osage orange; Nootka Rose/cochineal; Cedar/cutch; Sandpiper/cutch; Mustard Field/fustic; Sunflower/osage orange; Chartreuse/osage orange; Fern/indigo & osage orange;  Glacier Blue/Indigo; Ocean/Indigo; Mediterranean/Indigo & cochineal; Chocolate Lily/cochineal; Rosewood/madder. Of course we had to cast on right away . . . duck soup 2 Duck Soup in the Mustard Field colourway